Katrime Grain Elevator

The Katrime grain elevator
The Katrime grain elevator

The Katrime grain elevator stands by the CN Gladstone subdivision, southeast of the town of Gladstone.

This elevator was a Manitoba Pool elevator with a capacity of 4,000 tonnes of grain in the elevator and attached annex. It became privately owned sometime during or before 2008. It has no rail service as the siding has been removed for some time.

It appears to still be in use for storage.

The Katrime grain elevator

Katrime’s rail passenger station is now on display at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. It is a small structure, built in 1919 by the Canadian Northern Pacific railway.

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Helston Grain Elevator

The Helston grain elevator

The Helston grain elevator is located northeast of Carberry, Manitoba, between Carberry and Gladstone. It was on the CN Neepawa subdivision.

The elevator can be reached by a grassy path from a nearby road. It is about a five-minute walk in.

Helston grain elevator
Approach to the Helston grain elevator – buy this print

The elevator appears to be unused.

The Helston grain elevator – Service at Cost

Here is a view into the elevator itself. The pipe that was used to load rail cars is visible from the top of the photo, and in the background one can see where the chutes from the bins converge.

View into the Helston elevator

GPS coordinates: 50.132347, -99.116747

Other Manitoba Pool grain elevators

Elm Creek Grain Elevators

The town of Elm Creek currently hosts two grain elevators, one owned by Cargill and one privately owned. The concrete Cargill elevator is on the CP Glenboro subdivision.

The Cargill grain elevator in Elm Creek, Manitoba

The former Pool elevator is on a wye off the Glenboro subdivision, on what used to be the CP Carman subdivision.

The former Pool elevator in Elm Creek, Manitoba.
The former Pool elevator in Elm Creek, Manitoba.