Niverville Grain Elevator

Niverville grain elevator
The former Manitoba Pool Niverville grain elevator

Niverville has a special place in the history of Canadian grain elevators. The very first grain elevator in western Canada was built in 1879 here. The elevator was built by William Hespeler and was a round structure. You can see it in this photo circa 1911 showing the round elevator, the Ogilvie elevator and a flat grain warehouse.

Niverville Grain Elevators circa 1911
Niverville Grain Elevators circa 1911

According to the book Whatever Happened To…?: Catching Up with Canadian Icons, the 25,000 bushel elevator was torn down in 1923 and the wood was used to build a barn in nearby Otterburne. This small elevator is built on the site.

Small elevator in Niverville, MB

The former Pool elevator appeared to be idle at one point.

Grain elevator in Niverville, MB

However, in September 2014 the elevator received a new logo for Artel Farms.

Niverville is next to the CP Emerson subdivision, which sees a number of freight trains every day.

Niverville fertilizer elevator (now removed) and freight train

This image shows two former Manitoba Pool grain elevators in Niverville.