Mentmore Grain Elevator

A view of the Mentmore, MB grain elevator

The Mentmore grain elevator stands on private property southwest of Neepawa, Manitoba.

The Mentmore grain elevator with office

The elevator consists of a 30,000 bushel elevator with a nearby office / lift engine building.

Jayson Brothers Ltd.

The rail line (the CN Rapid City subdivision) was abandoned in 1978 and the Jayson Brothers purchased the elevator in 1977. It is still in use, storing grain until it shipped. The grain is now shipped by truck, of course.

Trackside view of the Mentmore grain elevator

The owner was kind enough to give me a tour of the elevator. Do not enter the elevator without permission. It is private property.

This is a diagram of the elevator and the former annex.

Mentmore bin diagram

The grain is brought in by truck and dumped through a grate into a bin in the floor.. Originally it was brought in by wagon. There is a lift at one end of the grate to raise the front wheels of the wagon or truck to allow all of the grain to flow out.

Vulcan combination grain dump

The grain is then raised by a conveyor of buckets through a “leg” to the distributor at the top of the elevator. This wheel determines which bin the grain flows into from the distributor.

Bin selection wheel at Mentmore

To load grain into a waiting truck or rail car, a gate at the bottom of the appropriate bin is opened to allow the grain to flow down to the bottom of the elevator. Then the leg raises the grain to the top of the elevator, where it flows down into a scale in the elevator. The operator uses a gate to fill the elevator, then takes a measurement and empties the scale into the truck. This process is repeated until the truck is full, and allows the operator to accurately measure how much grain was unloaded.

Fairbanks-Morse truck scale, Mentmore