La Salle Grain Elevator

La Salle grain elevator
The Paterson grain elevator in La Salle, Manitoba

There is one grain elevator in La Salle, Manitoba, owned by Paterson Grain. The elevator is located on the CP La Riviere subdivision. It was listed in CP’s Canadian Grain Elevator and Terminal Directory as having a capacity of 4,150 metric tonnes.

CP 9109 passes the La Salle grain elevator

The following elevators were built in La Salle*:

  • A private elevator, built by Moise Cormier in 1902 or 1904, sold to N.M. Paterson in 1915
  • Imperial Elevator, burned in 1908
  • Ogilvie Flour Mills Elevator, moved to Dominion City in 1911
  • N.M. Paterson elevator, built in 1938, expanded in 1940, 1955, 1964 and 1983. The 1983 expansion included adding two steel bins and a dust collection system.

* from “Then to Now – The History of La Salle, Manitoba”.

The La Salle grain elevator

There is a lovely woodcut by Walter Joseph Phillips depicting one of La Salle’s grain elevators.