Holland Grain Elevator

Holland grain elevator
The Holland grain elevator

The town of Holland, Manitoba hosts a Paterson grain elevator. This elevator has a capacity of 3,240 tonnes and is owned by the N.M. Paterson grain company.

There were a number of different grain elevators in Holland over the years:

  • Ogilvie (built 1895, burned 1948)
  • International Elevator /¬†Federal Grain
  • Lake of the Woods
  • Holland Farmers (destroyed by fire, 1913)
  • Interior
  • Victoria McCabe
  • N.M. Paterson
  • Manitoba Pool (built 1927, demolished November 2003)

Holland is on the CP Glenboro subdivision. However, it is on the portion that CP is planning to abandon, so it is uncertain if it will retain rail service.

This barn/elevator is on a farm nearby.

Holland Sign and Windmill
Windmill and Holland sign