Forrest Grain Elevator

Forrest Grain Elevator

The hamlet of Forrest, Manitoba was established in the early 1880s when the first railroad came through. It is home to two grain elevators.

Forrest grain elevator
The Forrest, Manitoba grain elevator

Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator

There is a former Manitoba Pool grain elevator in the town of Forrest, Manitoba. I believe it was built in 1928. The Forrest grain elevator was on the CP Rapid City subdivision; it lost its rail connection in 1980 when the subdivision was abandoned.

The elevator does not appear to be in use but the cupola has obviously received new siding in the near past.

Viterra Grain Elevator

There is a modern Viterra concrete grain elevator at Knox, Manitoba, a few miles north on the CN Rivers subdivision. This “high throughput” elevator is capable of loading rail cars at a high rate compared to the older wooden grain elevators. It has a capacity of 39,500 tonnes and can spot more than 100 grain cars at once.

Forrest is in the regional municipality of Elton.