Dauphin Grain Elevator

Dauphin grain elevator
Dauphin grain elevator

As of late 2015 there is one Dauphin grain elevator, a Cargill facility.

Former Grain Elevator Dauphin 20150627 SLB-1
Site of new Richardson grain elevator in Dauphin

Richardson is building a new grain elevator in Dauphin to replace a former Manitoba Pool elevator (“Dauphin A”) they purchased in 2007 and demolished in early 2015. The concrete pour started in October 2015 and the elevator is expected to complete by August 2016. The new elevator will have a capacity of 25,000 tonnes and the ability to spot 104 cars.

Dauphin is at the junction of the CN Togo subdivision and the CN Gladstone subdivision.

There is a small farm grain elevator just outside Dauphin.

Farm Grain Elevator SW of Dauphin 20150627 SLB-1