Cypress River Grain Elevators

Cypress River grain elevators
The grain elevators in Cypress River, Manitoba

There are two grain elevators in Cypress River, Manitoba, both owned by N.M. Paterson. One is a former Manitoba Pool grain elevator.

The following companies owned Cypress River grain elevators:

  • Ogilvie Flour, by 1897
  • Farmers’, by 1897
  • Canada North-West Elevator Company, by 1897, burned 1898
  • Imperial, 1898, became International and then Federal, became Pool B, burned 1975
  • McLaughlin, burned 1920 or 1922
  • Western, became UGG in 1918, bought by Manitoba Pool Elevators in 1928 and torn down
  • Northern Elevator, built 1898, bought by N.M. Paterson in 1918; rebuilt in 1927
  • Manitoba Pool Elevators, built 1928

Cypress River had rail access by the CP Glenboro subdivision, but the rail was abandoned around 2014. At one time the River Hills Railroad was looking into acquiring the line but this fell through.

Cypress River grain elevators
Cypress River grain elevators, 1911

Cypress River hosts an annual Agricultural Fair, a campground, an arena with curling and hockey sheets, and is crossed by the Trans-Canada trail. It has a population of about 175 people.

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