Binscarth Grain Elevators

There are two Binscarth grain elevators, one owned by Viterra and one owned by Paterson. There is also a grain handling facility, Marquette Grain, which is not in an elevator.

There was a Manitoba Pool grain elevator in Binscarth (capacity 2,460 tonnes) until about 1999, and a UGG grain elevator as well.

Viterra Grain Elevator

One of the two Binscarth grain elevators
One of the two Binscarth grain elevators

The Viterra grain elevator is located at the end of a rail spur north of Binscarth. This is the remnant of the CP Russell subdivision.

The elevator is a steel elevator with attached bins, with a total capacity of 8,500 tonnes.

Viterra grain elevator near Binscarth, MB
Viterra grain elevator near Binscarth, MB


Paterson Grain Elevator

Paterson grain elevator in Binscarth, MB
Paterson grain elevator in Binscarth, MB

The Paterson grain elevator in Binscarth is on the CP Bredenbury subdivision. It has a capacity of 21,060 tonnes of grain. This large inland terminal was completed around 1995 and rendered obsolete the Paterson elevators in Inglis.

Marquette Grain

Marquette Grain, Binscarth
Marquette Grain, Binscarth

There is a small grain handling facility on the CP main line, Marquette Grain, which apparently loads producer cars.

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Beausejour Grain Elevator

Viterra grain elevator in Beausejour, MB

The town of Beausejour, Manitoba hosts a single concrete grain elevator. This elevator is owned by Viterra and has a capacity of 12,070 tonnes. The elevator is served by the Lake Line Railroad.

Beausejour Grain Elevator

The town used to have a Manitoba Pool grain elevator but that was demolished on September 30, 2012.

Other grain elevators that existed in Beausejour include:

  • 1916, Lake of the Woods, 18,000 bushels – destroyed by lightning
  • 1921, Dominion Elevator Company
  • 1953 or 1954, Manitoba Pool built Pool A
  • 1959, UGG acquired the Dominion elevator company elevators (2 at that time)
  • 1959, Lake of the Woods elevator became Pool B (came down sometime between 2001 and 2007)
Beausejour grain elevator
Beausejour grain elevators – Pool A, Dominion Malting, UGG (L-R)

Viterra grain elevators

Souris Grain Elevator

Souris grain elevator
The former Manitoba Pool grain elevator in Souris, MB

The town of Souris, Manitoba has two grain elevators, as well as its famous swinging bridge.

Manitoba Pool

The former Manitoba Pool grain elevator stands at the junction of the CP Estevan subdivision and the CP Glenboro subdivision.

The former Pool elevator no longer has rail service.

Souris Grain Elevator


Just east of the former Pool elevator is a modern Viterra grain elevator at “Souris East”.

The town of Souris used to have a train station, and a roundhouse for servicing locomotives. Both were located near the former Manitoba Pool elevator. The Canadian Pacific Railway operates a maintenance base in this area.

Souris is well known for its swinging bridge, Canada’s longest historic suspension bridge. Souris has a railway museum located in an old railway car on “Tourism Row”, featuring a diesel locomotive simulator, a telegraph, and other railway artifacts.

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Graysville Grain Elevator

Graysville grain elevator
The grain elevator in Graysville, Manitoba

Graysville, Manitoba had a single grain elevator. This elevator was built by a local co-operative in 1927 and was a Manitoba Pool elevator. It was labelled Viterra but was not listed in Viterra’s directory. It was listed in the Canadian Grain Commission’s 2013 directory.

The Graysville grain elevator was demolished in late 2015.

Graysville grain elevator

Graysville had at least two other grain elevators in the past.

  • Winnipeg Elevator Company elevator, 1902
  • International Elevator Company, 1902-3, demolished since 1986
  • United Grain Growers elevator, still present in 1992

Graysville is technically the end of the CEMR Carman subdivision, although Cando (parent of the Central Manitoba Railway) lists Graysville as a car storage area.

Other Viterra grain elevators

Fannystelle Grain Elevator

Fannystelle grain elevator
Stevens & Company Grain Elevator in Fannystelle, Manitoba

Fannystelle, Manitoba has two grain elevators. One is a modern Viterra concrete grain terminal but the other Fannystelle grain elevator is a lovely old Stevens & Company elevator.

The Stevens & Company elevator says “LUMBER, COAL AND GRAIN” on it, as many elevators also sold other commodities such as coal, grain, fertilizer and other farming needs. The Stevens Lumber Company is still operating in Fannystelle.

The United Grain Growers (UGG) built a high throughput elevator in Fannystelle, which became part of Agricore United when UGG merged with Agricore. It is now Viterra.

The Viterra elevator in Fannystelle, MB

The Viterra elevator has a capacity of 9,550 tonnes and is served by the CP Glenboro subdivision.

There were at least two Manitoba Pool grain elevators in Fannystelle in the mid 1980s but none remain now.

Fannystelle also has a lovely church, the Sacré-Coeur de Jésus Roman Catholic Church, built in late 1912 and recently restored.

The church in Fannystelle, MB
The church in Fannystelle, MB

New Ste. Agathe Grain Elevator

Ste Agathe grain elevator
Ste Agathe grain elevator, February 26, 2017

Viterra announced they will be building a new Ste. Agathe grain elevator. The elevator will be near their existing canola crush plant in Ste. Agathe, Manitoba and will have a capacity of about 30,000 tonnes and be able to load up to 124 rail cars. The elevator will be on the CN Letellier subdivision so it can be served by CN or BNSF.

This facility will join their 13 existing elevators and specialty facilities in Manitoba.

Ste. Agathe Grain Elevator under construction, November 2015
Ste. Agathe Grain Elevator under construction, November 2015

Ste. Agathe used to have a Manitoba Pool/Agricore grain elevator, a large structure with two annexes. It was demolished in June 2010.

The elevator is scheduled to open in 2016.

Ste. Agathe grain elevator, February 28 2016
Ste. Agathe grain elevator, February 28 2016

A visit to the elevator on August 13, 2016 showed that it is nearly complete. The loop track attached to the CN line is in place and ballasted.

Viterra Sainte Agathe Grain Elevator, August 13, 2016
Viterra Sainte Agathe Grain Elevator, August 13, 2016

Other Viterra grain elevators


Forrest Grain Elevator

Forrest Grain Elevator

The hamlet of Forrest, Manitoba was established in the early 1880s when the first railroad came through. It is home to two grain elevators.

Forrest grain elevator
The Forrest, Manitoba grain elevator

Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator

There is a former Manitoba Pool grain elevator in the town of Forrest, Manitoba. I believe it was built in 1928. The Forrest grain elevator was on the CP Rapid City subdivision; it lost its rail connection in 1980 when the subdivision was abandoned.

The elevator does not appear to be in use but the cupola has obviously received new siding in the near past.

Viterra Grain Elevator

There is a modern Viterra concrete grain elevator at Knox, Manitoba, a few miles north on the CN Rivers subdivision. This “high throughput” elevator is capable of loading rail cars at a high rate compared to the older wooden grain elevators. It has a capacity of 39,500 tonnes and can spot more than 100 grain cars at once.

Forrest is in the regional municipality of Elton.