Marquette Grain Elevator

The Marquette Grain Elevator
The Marquette Grain Elevator

The Marquette grain elevator was a wooden grain elevator on the Canadian Pacific Railway main line (CP Carberry subdivision). The elevator was owned by N.M. Paterson and was demolished in September 2013.

The Marquette grain elevator
The Marquette grain elevator

The elevator consisted of a central wooden elevator (with driveway) and two large steel bins. It only had a capacity of 1,970 tonnes, quite small for modern elevators. It was built in 1920. There was a second elevator, built in 1941 and sold in 1974.

A view of Marquette's former grain elevator
A view of Marquette’s former grain elevator

Its small size no doubt contributed to the decision to demolish the elevator.

Marquette in the rear view mirror
Marquette in the rear view mirror

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Pierson Grain Elevators

Pierson grain elevators
Pierson grain elevators

There are two Pierson grain elevators. One was built by N.M. Paterson and the other was built by the Manitoba Pool Elevators. Both are now owned by Paterson and operated as a unit. Currently they are listed with a capacity of 8,025 tonnes.

The area around Pierson has a wide variety of birds for the avian enthusiast, including hawks, pheasants, grouse, and much more.

Paterson Grain Elevator

Paterson grain elevator in Pierson, MB
Paterson grain elevator in Pierson, MB

This elevator was built in 1965 to replace a former Consolidated (originally Dominion) elevator that was dismantled.

Paterson vehicle, Pierson, MB
Paterson vehicle, Pierson, MB

Former Pool Grain Elevator

The former Manitoba Pool elevator in Pierson, MB
The former Manitoba Pool elevator in Pierson, MB

The ex Manitoba Pool grain elevator was built in 1927 or 1928 and burned in 1939. It was rebuilt on the same location. Renovations were done in the 1970s to replace one annex, add another annex, renovate the office and add a new loading leg.

Pierson Grain Elevator History

Pierson Grain Elevators ca 1897
Pierson Grain Elevators ca 1897

By 1897 the town of Pierson had at least three grain elevators, as shown in the photo to the right.

The original Ogilvie elevator burnt in 1894 and was rebuilt. In 1900 there were four elevators: Gould and Elliott, Northern, Dominion and Ogilvie.

Many thanks to the Harvests of Time local history for the grain elevator history.

Pierson Grain Elevators ca 1921-1925
Pierson Grain Elevators ca 1921-1925


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Binscarth Grain Elevators

There are two Binscarth grain elevators, one owned by Viterra and one owned by Paterson. There is also a grain handling facility, Marquette Grain, which is not in an elevator.

There was a Manitoba Pool grain elevator in Binscarth (capacity 2,460 tonnes) until about 1999, and a UGG grain elevator as well.

Viterra Grain Elevator

One of the two Binscarth grain elevators
One of the two Binscarth grain elevators

The Viterra grain elevator is located at the end of a rail spur north of Binscarth. This is the remnant of the CP Russell subdivision.

The elevator is a steel elevator with attached bins, with a total capacity of 8,500 tonnes.

Viterra grain elevator near Binscarth, MB
Viterra grain elevator near Binscarth, MB


Paterson Grain Elevator

Paterson grain elevator in Binscarth, MB
Paterson grain elevator in Binscarth, MB

The Paterson grain elevator in Binscarth is on the CP Bredenbury subdivision. It has a capacity of 21,060 tonnes of grain. This large inland terminal was completed around 1995 and rendered obsolete the Paterson elevators in Inglis.

Marquette Grain

Marquette Grain, Binscarth
Marquette Grain, Binscarth

There is a small grain handling facility on the CP main line, Marquette Grain, which apparently loads producer cars.

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Meadows Grain Elevator

The Meadows Grain Elevator
The Meadows Grain Elevator

The Meadows grain elevator was a Paterson wooden elevator located on the CP main line (CP Carberry subdivision) between Winnipeg and Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

8544 Meadows 20150919 SLB-5

This grain elevator was owned by Paterson Grain, a division of Paterson GlobalFoods Inc., but it was not listed in the 2014-2015 “Grain Elevators in Canada” publication by the Canadian Grain Commission. It had a capacity of 3,430 tonnes between the elevator and its annex. It had a listed capacity of 3,930 prior to 2001, when it still had a low grain warehouse beside the annex.

Meadows Grain Elevator 20140927 SLB-3

It appears that this elevator was constructed in 1947.

The elevator was demolished on July 18, 2017 and the annex followed on July 20, 2017.

Other Paterson grain elevators

Morris Grain Elevators

There are three grain elevators in the town of Morris, Manitoba – two owned by Paterson and one by Cargill.


N.M. Paterson has two grain elevators in Morris. The oldest Paterson elevator in Morris is this wooden grain elevator, located on the CN Letellier subdivision.

Morris grain elevators - Paterson
Morris grain elevators – N.M. Paterson

This elevator has a capacity of 4,080 tonnes. It is unclear whether it is still used for storage.

Paterson has a modern high-efficiency elevator at the south end of the town. This concrete elevator has a number of bins and several tracks. This elevator had a capacity of 8,800 tonnes in 2000, expanded to 22,000 tonnes in 2002, 26,000 tonnes in 2004, and finally to its current capacity of 42,000 tonnes in 2009. This elevator is served by both CN and CP.

Morris grain elevators - Paterson high-throughput elevator
Morris grain elevators – Paterson high-throughput elevator



The third of the Morris grain elevators is the newly-expanded Cargill high-throughput elevator.

Morris grain elevators - Cargill
Morris grain elevators – Cargill

Prior to 2002, Cargill had two grain elevators in Morris with a combined capacity of 10,400 tonnes. Cargill demolished one elevator and built the current high throughput (HTP) elevator in 2002-2003. It had a capacity of 10,200 tonnes at the time of construction, in addition to the 5,600 tonnes of the existing “B” elevator.

In 2014 Cargill expanded the HTP elevator to a capacity of approximately 30,000 tonnes, and expanded the rail car storage to 100 cars and added a dedicated locomotive for plant switching. The older “B” elevator was demolished.

Cargill also added its own track alongside the CN Miami spur, presumably for plant switching.

Rail Service

The Cargill elevator and one of the Paterson elevators are served by both CN and CP (the CP La Riviere subdivision) in a fairly unique track arrangement. This diagram from Confessions of a Train Geek shows the connections.

Morris, Manitoba track diagram
Morris, Manitoba track diagram

Note that the older Cargill elevator is still shown on this diagram.

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Cypress River Grain Elevators

Cypress River grain elevators
The grain elevators in Cypress River, Manitoba

There are two grain elevators in Cypress River, Manitoba, both owned by N.M. Paterson. One is a former Manitoba Pool grain elevator.

The following companies owned Cypress River grain elevators:

  • Ogilvie Flour, by 1897
  • Farmers’, by 1897
  • Canada North-West Elevator Company, by 1897, burned 1898
  • Imperial, 1898, became International and then Federal, became Pool B, burned 1975
  • McLaughlin, burned 1920 or 1922
  • Western, became UGG in 1918, bought by Manitoba Pool Elevators in 1928 and torn down
  • Northern Elevator, built 1898, bought by N.M. Paterson in 1918; rebuilt in 1927
  • Manitoba Pool Elevators, built 1928

Cypress River had rail access by the CP Glenboro subdivision, but the rail was abandoned around 2014. At one time the River Hills Railroad was looking into acquiring the line but this fell through.

Cypress River grain elevators
Cypress River grain elevators, 1911

Cypress River hosts an annual Agricultural Fair, a campground, an arena with curling and hockey sheets, and is crossed by the Trans-Canada trail. It has a population of about 175 people.

Paterson grain elevators

Holland Grain Elevator

Holland grain elevator
The Holland grain elevator

The town of Holland, Manitoba hosts a Paterson grain elevator. This elevator has a capacity of 3,240 tonnes and is owned by the N.M. Paterson grain company.

There were a number of different grain elevators in Holland over the years:

  • Ogilvie (built 1895, burned 1948)
  • International Elevator / Federal Grain
  • Lake of the Woods
  • Holland Farmers (destroyed by fire, 1913)
  • Interior
  • Victoria McCabe
  • N.M. Paterson
  • Manitoba Pool (built 1927, demolished November 2003)

Holland is on the CP Glenboro subdivision. However, it is on the portion that CP is planning to abandon, so it is uncertain if it will retain rail service.

This barn/elevator is on a farm nearby.

Holland Sign and Windmill
Windmill and Holland sign


Culross Grain Elevator

Culross grain elevator
The Culross grain elevator

There is one grain elevator in Culross, Manitoba, a Paterson Grain elevator. The elevator is fairly unusual in that it has no annex, giving it a limited capacity of 2,850 tonnes. The Culross grain elevator stands beside the CP track and near the few houses remaining in Culross.

This elevator was built in 1982 and one of the last wooden elevators built in Manitoba. Later grain elevators have been of concrete construction.

At one point there was another Paterson elevator in Culross, with an annex. It was built in 1920 using material from Stoughton. It was demolished.

Culross is served by the CP Glenboro subdivision.