Dutton Grain Elevator

Dutton Grain Elevator 20150627 SLB-2

The Dutton grain elevator is a complex owned by Parrish and Heimbecker. It currently has a capacity of 16,500 tonnes, between the central elevator and the numerous attached storage bins. Parrish & Heimbecker purchased this elevator, originally built by Pioneer in 1985, from Agricore in 2002 and upgraded it in 2005 to add 5,600 tonnes of capacity.

Dutton Grain Elevator 20150627 SLB-4

The elevator is served by CN on the CN Togo subdivision and can handle up to 56 grain cars at once. Normally CN trains 852/853 service the elevator and handle 50 car blocks.

Dutton Grain Elevator 20150627 SLB-8

Dutton is located west of Gilbert Plains, Manitoba.

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