Kaleida Grain Elevator

Kaleida grain elevator
The Kaleida Pool B grain elevator

The tiny community of Kaleida, Manitoba has one grain elevator, the former Manitoba Pool “B” elevator.

The Kaleida grain elevator and warehouse

The Kaleida Farmers Elevator Association was formed in 1905 and George Ullyot built the Kaleida grain elevator. In 1907 it was purchased by Ogilvie Flour Mills.

Ogilvie Oats on the Kaleida grain elevator

It became the Manitoba Pool “B” elevator at some point. The elevator shipped its last load of grain on August 1,1963.

A view into the Kaleida grain elevator

The Kaleida grain elevator was served by the CP Kaleida subdivision. The track reached Kaleida in 1904. The track was removed in October 1963.

Bins in the Kaleida grain elevator

There was a second Kaleida grain elevator, built in 1908 or 1909.  It was sold to the Manitoba Pool in 1926 and apparently torn down and replaced by a new elevator in 1927.  This elevator was moved to Manitou on November 18, 1965 and it is still in operation.

Many thanks to the book Kaleidoscope 1878-1986: Kaleida, Overdale, Riverdale and Pembina Crossing, Manitoba, published by the Kaleida Historical Book Society, where most of the facts for this article came from.

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