St. Adolphe Grain Elevator

st. adolphe grain elevator under construction
CWB grain elevator, St. Adolphe, July 3 2015

The Canadian Wheat Board began construction of a new grain elevator near St. Adophe, Manitoba in 2015. Pouring of the concrete began on May 4 and by July 2015 the build was well under way. It is scheduled to begin receiving grain in March 2016.

The St. Adolphe grain elevator will have a capacity of 34,000 tonnes and will feature a 134-car loop track connected to the CN Letellier subdivision. The elevator will be able to load over 1,600 tonnes/hour into the rail cars.

St Adolphe Grain Elevator 2015/09/04
CWB grain elevator, St. Adolphen, September 4 2015

Since the elevator began construction, the Canadian Wheat Board was purchased and renamed G3.

G3 elevator in St. Adolphe, MB
G3 elevator in St. Adolphe, MB, February 28, 2016


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