Holmfield Grain Elevator

Holmfield Grain Elevator
The Harrison Milling grain elevators and mill, Holmfield

The Holmfield grain elevator pair at Harrison Milling are part of a unique site in Manitoba. The flour mill (the two story building on the left of the photo above) was built in 1897 by brothers William Salt Harrison and George Harrison. The larger elevator was built by Harrison Milling in 1926 to replace the original built in 1892. The smaller elevator is the former Federal elevator, moved there in 1955 from its former location slightly east of its current location.

Harrison Milling & Grain

The one-story stone warehouse, just visible to the right of the mill in the above photograph, was built in 1899. The mill operated into the 1990s and is reputed to be the oldest flour mill in western Canada. I was fortunate to meet one of the two brothers who own the facility, and he told me the history of the elevators.

Please note that the facility is private property. Do not trespass. These photos were taken from a public road in the town.

Harrison Milling, Holmfield

Holmfield was on the CP Napinka subdivision until it was cut back to near Killarney.

There is more history on Harrison Milling, and Abram William Harrison, MLA, here:


Snowflake Grain Elevator

Snowflake grain elevator
Snowflake, Manitoba

There are two grain elevators in the town of Snowflake, Manitoba. The first Snowflake grain elevator is a former Federal elevator.

Federal Grain Elevator

Snowflake Sunrise

This elevator became the Manitoba Pool “B” elevator in Snowflake.

Snowflake’s two elevators

The heritage of the former Federal elevator is obvious now. The elevator used to say “Federal Grain Limited – Agricultural Chemicals and Fertilizers – Snowflake”.

Federal Grain Limited – Agricultural Chemicals and Fertilizers – Snowflake

Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator

A view into the unloading dock of the former Pool elevator in Snowflake
The former Manitoba Pool grain elevator

Other Snowflake Grain Elevators

Provided by Bernard Kelker

Snowflake Elevators and Depot circa 1910

There is a very fine article showing how artist Christopher Walker incorporated the Snowflake Federal grain elevator into a commissioned painting.

Snowflake’s rail access was via the CP Snowflake subdivision, but that was abandoned after 1977.

Other Manitoba Pool grain elevators