Beausejour Grain Elevator

Viterra grain elevator in Beausejour, MB

The town of Beausejour, Manitoba hosts a single concrete grain elevator. This elevator is owned by Viterra and has a capacity of 12,070 tonnes. The elevator is served by the Lake Line Railroad.

Beausejour Grain Elevator

The town used to have a Manitoba Pool grain elevator but that was demolished on September 30, 2012.

Other grain elevators that existed in Beausejour include:

  • 1916, Lake of the Woods, 18,000 bushels – destroyed by lightning
  • 1921, Dominion Elevator Company
  • 1953 or 1954, Manitoba Pool built Pool A
  • 1959, UGG acquired the Dominion elevator company elevators (2 at that time)
  • 1959, Lake of the Woods elevator became Pool B (came down sometime between 2001 and 2007)
Beausejour grain elevator
Beausejour grain elevators – Pool A, Dominion Malting, UGG (L-R)

Viterra grain elevators