Morris Grain Elevators

There are three grain elevators in the town of Morris, Manitoba – two owned by Paterson and one by Cargill.


N.M. Paterson has two grain elevators in Morris. The oldest Paterson elevator in Morris is this wooden grain elevator, located on the CN Letellier subdivision.

Morris grain elevators - Paterson
Morris grain elevators – N.M. Paterson

This elevator has a capacity of 4,080 tonnes. It is unclear whether it is still used for storage.

Paterson has a modern high-efficiency elevator at the south end of the town. This concrete elevator has a number of bins and several tracks. This elevator had a capacity of 8,800 tonnes in 2000, expanded to 22,000 tonnes in 2002, 26,000 tonnes in 2004, and finally to its current capacity of 42,000 tonnes in 2009. This elevator is served by both CN and CP.

Morris grain elevators - Paterson high-throughput elevator
Morris grain elevators – Paterson high-throughput elevator



The third of the Morris grain elevators is the newly-expanded Cargill high-throughput elevator.

Morris grain elevators - Cargill
Morris grain elevators – Cargill

Prior to 2002, Cargill had two grain elevators in Morris with a combined capacity of 10,400 tonnes. Cargill demolished one elevator and built the current high throughput (HTP) elevator in 2002-2003. It had a capacity of 10,200 tonnes at the time of construction, in addition to the 5,600 tonnes of the existing “B” elevator.

In 2014 Cargill expanded the HTP elevator¬†to a capacity of approximately 30,000 tonnes, and expanded the rail car storage to 100 cars and added a dedicated locomotive for plant switching. The older “B” elevator was demolished.

Cargill also added its own track alongside the CN Miami spur, presumably for plant switching.

Rail Service

The Cargill elevator and one of the Paterson elevators are served by both CN and CP (the CP La Riviere subdivision) in a fairly unique track arrangement. This diagram from Confessions of a Train Geek shows the connections.

Morris, Manitoba track diagram
Morris, Manitoba track diagram

Note that the older Cargill elevator is still shown on this diagram.

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