Dutton Grain Elevator

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The Dutton grain elevator is a complex owned by Parrish and Heimbecker. It currently has a capacity of 16,500 tonnes, between the central elevator and the numerous attached storage bins. Parrish & Heimbecker purchased this elevator, originally built by Pioneer in 1985, from Agricore in 2002 and upgraded it in 2005 to add 5,600 tonnes of capacity.

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The elevator is served by CN on the CN Togo subdivision and can handle up to 56 grain cars at once. Normally CN trains 852/853 service the elevator and handle 50 car blocks.

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Dutton is located west of Gilbert Plains, Manitoba.

Other Parrish and Heimbecker grain elevators

Gretna Grain Elevator

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The Gretna grain elevator is a former Manitoba Pool elevator. It was owned by JRS Commodities and has a capacity of 6,800 tonnes.


The elevator is composed of two grain elevators and an annex. One of the elevators is turned sideways and used as an annex. Gretna has no rail service but used to be on the CP Gretna subdivision.

Gretna Grain Elevator History

Gretna, 1890
Gretna, 1890

The first Gretna grain elevator was the Ogilvie Milling Company’s #8 elevator, the first “standard plan” grain elevator in the West, built in 1881 with a capacity of 40,000 bushels. The photo at right features the elevator as well as the McBean Brothers elevator (built in 1884) in the distance.

The Ogilvie elevator burned (along with much of Gretna) on April 28, 1913.

Other grain elevators that were in Gretna include:

  • A small 8,000 bushel capacity “flat” elevator built or acquired by Henry Ritz between 1905 and 1908
  • A 30,000 bushel capacity elevator built by Henry Ritz in 1916 (operated until 1983)
  • McCabe/Victoria grain elevator built 1906
  • Lake of the Woods grain elevator, built 1888, once the oldest elevator in Manitoba
  • Farmer’s Elevator, built 1899
  • Dirks’ brothers elevator, 35,000 bushels

In 1897 the Winnipeg Grain and Produce Exchange listed six grain elevators in Gretna (capacities in bushels): Ogilvie Milling (44,000); McBean Brothers (30,000); Lake of the Woods Milling Company (20,000); R.P. Roblin (25,000); J&J Livingston (10,000); Body & Noakes (7,000).

Gretna prior to 1910, showing the Henry Ritz elevator and CPR station
Gretna prior to 1910, showing the Henry Ritz elevator and CPR station

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The last carload of grain at this elevator was loaded into CP 124002 on July 22, 1996 and the elevator was closed at the end of that month.

Greg McDonnell wrote a a great essay on the Gretna grain elevator in Wheat Kings: Vanishing Landmarks of the Canadian Prairies.

Many thanks to all the contributors to Gretna: Window on the Northwest which was the source for much of the historical information on Gretna’s grain elevators.

Other Manitoba Pool grain elevators

Newdale Grain Elevator

Newdale grain elevators

There are two grain elevators in Newdale, Manitoba. The first Newdale grain elevator is owned by Delmar Commodities, and is the former Manitoba Pool “C” elevator. This elevator has a capacity of 2,750 tonnes.

Newdale grain elevator

The second remaining Newdale grain elevator is an ex UGG grain elevator.

Newdale Grain Elevator 20141109 SLB-9

Note that it is a larger elevator with a small elevator beside it, which was used as an annex. The smaller elevator was built in 1925. The larger elevator was built in 1983.

This elevator has a capacity of 4,700 tonnes. It is not clear whether this elevator is used or not.

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Dufresne Grain Elevator

CN 344 at the Dufresne grain elevator, Manitoba
CN 344 at Dufresne, Manitoba

The Dufresne grain elevator is an ex Manitoba Pool elevator. This grain elevator has a capacity of 2,910 tonnes between the elevator and its annex.

The elevator also has some storage bins, presumably for seed or fertilizer. It is privately owned. It is unclear whether any grain is shipped from this elevator any more.

Dufresne Grain Elevator

The village of Dufresne is a quiet town now, with a few small businesses and a now-closed general store.Dufresne Grain Elevator 20150619 SLB-2

More information:

Glass Grain Elevator

Glass grain elevator
The Glass grain elevator

The Glass grain elevator was moved to nearby Cooks Creek once it was no longer required by the Manitoba Pool. The elevator resided on a local farm until its demolition in the summer of 2015.

Grain elevator in Cooks Creek
Glass grain elevator
Former Scottish Co-Operative Wholesale Society grain elevator
Former Scottish Co-Operative Wholesale Society grain elevator

The elevator was originally built for the Scottish Co-Operative Wholesale Society, a group formed in 1868 to purchase or manufacture goods for sale to local cooperative societies. They owned several grain elevators in Canada. It is believed that this was the last remaining elevator built by them.

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