Tilston Grain Elevators

Tilston Grain Elevators
Tilston, Manitoba

The town of Tilston, Manitoba has two grain elevators. One is an original Manitoba Pool grain elevator and the other was originally a Lake of the Woods grain elevator that was acquired by the Pool.

The Manitoba Pool elevator was built by the cooperative #61 in the late 1920s.

Manitoba Pool grain elevator, Tilston

The Lake of the Woods elevator has FIVE ROSES FLOUR on the side, a brand of the former Lake of the Woods company.

Five Roses Flour grain elevator, Tilston

It’s not clear if either of the two Tilston grain elevators are still in use.

The town was served by Canadian Pacific until 1976, when a bridge near Lauder was washed out. In 2015 two tornadoes were reported in the Tilston area.

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