Waskada Grain Elevator

Waskada grain elevator
Waskada, Manitoba

The town of Waskada, Manitoba has a single grain elevator. The Waskada grain elevator is a former Agricore structure.

Agricore logo in Waskada
Agricore logo in Waskada

Waskada used to be on the CP Lyleton subdivision. This was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) at the turn of the 20th century and was completed in 1900 to Waskada with the first scheduled train arriving on New Year’s Day, 1900. It was extended to Lyleton by 1903. The rails were lifted by 1996.

Waskada grain elevator

Waskada had three elevators until the late 1990s, as seen in this Bruce Selyem photo. It’s not clear if the Waskada grain elevator is still in use.

Waskada has seen major growth due to the development of the nearby Bakken shale oil fields. At one time it was the smallest incorporated village in Manitoba.

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Cartwright Grain Elevator

Cartwright grain elevator with tractor
Cartwright, Manitoba

There is one grain elevator in Cartwright, Manitoba – a former Manitoba Pool elevator. It is now privately owned.

Cartwright was served by the CP Napinka subdivision, but lost its rail service when that subdivision was cut back to near Killarney. Cartwright was originally about 2 miles north of where it is today, but when the CPR built the railway south of the town in 1885, the town was moved.

The Cartwright grain elevator sits in the middle of town and appears to be well maintained.

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Souris Grain Elevator

Souris grain elevator
The former Manitoba Pool grain elevator in Souris, MB

The town of Souris, Manitoba has two grain elevators, as well as its famous swinging bridge.

Manitoba Pool

The former Manitoba Pool grain elevator stands at the junction of the CP Estevan subdivision and the CP Glenboro subdivision.

The former Pool elevator no longer has rail service.

Souris Grain Elevator


Just east of the former Pool elevator is a modern Viterra grain elevator at “Souris East”.

The town of Souris used to have a train station, and a roundhouse for servicing locomotives. Both were located near the former Manitoba Pool elevator. The Canadian Pacific Railway operates a maintenance base in this area.

Souris is well known for its swinging bridge, Canada’s longest historic suspension bridge. Souris has a railway museum located in an old railway car on “Tourism Row”, featuring a diesel locomotive simulator, a telegraph, and other railway artifacts.

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Nesbitt Grain Elevator

Nesbitt grain elevatorThere are two grain elevators in or near Nesbitt. The first Nesbitt grain elevator is the former Manitoba Pool elevator just east of town, and the other is a newer Cargill facility west of town at Page.

The Cargill facility is served by CP Rail on the CP Glenboro subdivision. It was owned by ConAgra Limited (and later Pioneer), and expanded from 14,510 to 17,700 tonnes between 2000 and 2001.

The former Manitoba Pool Nesbitt grain elevator was moved from Routhwaite in 1984. It has a capacity of 4,890 tonnes.

Nesbitt had a UGG elevator closer to town at one point but it was demolished sometime after 1989.

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Cypress River Grain Elevators

Cypress River grain elevators
The grain elevators in Cypress River, Manitoba

There are two grain elevators in Cypress River, Manitoba, both owned by N.M. Paterson. One is a former Manitoba Pool grain elevator.

The following companies owned Cypress River grain elevators:

  • Ogilvie Flour, by 1897
  • Farmers’, by 1897
  • Canada North-West Elevator Company, by 1897, burned 1898
  • Imperial, 1898, became International and then Federal, became Pool B, burned 1975
  • McLaughlin, burned 1920 or 1922
  • Western, became UGG in 1918, bought by Manitoba Pool Elevators in 1928 and torn down
  • Northern Elevator, built 1898, bought by N.M. Paterson in 1918; rebuilt in 1927
  • Manitoba Pool Elevators, built 1928

Cypress River had rail access by the CP Glenboro subdivision, but the rail was abandoned around 2014. At one time the River Hills Railroad was looking into acquiring the line but this fell through.

Cypress River grain elevators
Cypress River grain elevators, 1911

Cypress River hosts an annual Agricultural Fair, a campground, an arena with curling and hockey sheets, and is crossed by the Trans-Canada trail. It has a population of about 175 people.

Paterson grain elevators

Mariapolis Grain Elevator

Mariapolis, Manitoba has a single grain elevator, located just outside of town. This elevator has a capacity of 3,780 tonnes and is owned by the Canada Malting Company Ltd, who acquired it in August 2006. It was built by the United Grain Growers (UGG) and opened in 1986. It was owned by Delmar Commodities for a period of time before Canada Malting took it over.

The elevator used to be served by CN (on the CN Carman subdivision) and later the Southern Manitoba Railway, but it has not been served by rail since 2007 and the tracks are gone.

Mariapolis Grain Elevator
The Mariapolis grain elevator

The town of Mariapolis has a lovely church and this great structure, formerly a general store.

Mariapolis general store
Mariapolis general store

Holland Grain Elevator

Holland grain elevator
The Holland grain elevator

The town of Holland, Manitoba hosts a Paterson grain elevator. This elevator has a capacity of 3,240 tonnes and is owned by the N.M. Paterson grain company.

There were a number of different grain elevators in Holland over the years:

  • Ogilvie (built 1895, burned 1948)
  • International Elevator / Federal Grain
  • Lake of the Woods
  • Holland Farmers (destroyed by fire, 1913)
  • Interior
  • Victoria McCabe
  • N.M. Paterson
  • Manitoba Pool (built 1927, demolished November 2003)

Holland is on the CP Glenboro subdivision. However, it is on the portion that CP is planning to abandon, so it is uncertain if it will retain rail service.

This barn/elevator is on a farm nearby.

Holland Sign and Windmill
Windmill and Holland sign


Lowe Farm Grain Elevator

The Lowe Farm grain elevator
The Lowe Farm grain elevator

The community of Lowe Farm, Manitoba has a single grain elevator, a former Manitoba Pool structure. The Lowe Farm grain elevator was built in 1937 (at a cost of $21,250) by the Lowe Farm Co-Operator Elevator Association Limited (Pool #154). The top of this elevator was severely damaged on July 20, 1998 by strong winds but was quickly repaired.

There were other Lowe Farm grain elevators:

  • Several private elevators, starting in 1898
  • Farmer’s Elevator Company elevator, built in 1905, sold to Western Canada Flour Mills, sold to Manitoba Pool Elevators in 1940, becoming the second Pool elevator in Lowe Farms, burned August 1953
  • Canadian Consolidated Grain Company elevator, built in 1904, sold to UGG in 1954, sold to MPE in 1976 and demolished on May 7, 1984

Thanks to “Reflections of Lowe Farm” for details on the elevators.

Lowe Farm was on the CN Miami subdivision, and was serviced by the Southern Manitoba Railway until its demise.

Kane Grain Elevator

Kane grain elevator
The grain elevators in Kane, Manitoba

There is one grain elevator remaining in Kane, Manitoba. It is a former N.M. Paterson grain elevator.

The first Kane grain elevator was built in 1918 by the Interior Elevator Company, which became part of N.M. Paterson in 1920. This elevator burned down in 1947 and a new one was constructed on the same site in the same year. That elevator is the bare wooden portion of the current elevator.

The second Kane grain elevator was built by the Canadian Consolidated Grain Company in 1919 or 1920, and it was later acquired by UGG. It had two annexes at one point. It was demolished on August 9th, 1996.

The newer portion of the Kane grain elevator was the second-last wooden grain elevator to be built in Manitoba, in 1981.


Kane was located on the CN Miami subdivision, which was served by the Southern Manitoba Railway from 1999 to 2007 when the rails were removed. The former rail land is now owned by the Regional Municipality of Morris.

Many thanks to the book “Kane – The Spirit Lives On” for the details on the Kane grain elevators.

Jordan Grain Elevator

Jordan grain elevator
The Delmar Commodities elevator in Jordan, MB

The former Manitoba Pool grain elevator is still in use at Jordan (Siding) near Roland, Manitoba. Delmar Commodities has a soybean extrusion facility at the same location.

The Jordan grain elevator was on the CN Miami subdivision, and was serviced by the Southern Manitoba Railway for several years until the line was abandoned.

Other Delmar Commodities grain elevators