Edwin Grain Elevator

Edwin grain elevator
Edwin Cooperative Elevator Association / Pool No. 109 / “Service at Cost”

The Edwin grain elevator stands in the center of what used to be the town. There are several homes around, as well as a Canada Post mailbox, and a nearby community centre and TransCanada Pipeline facility show the community is still alive.

The Edwin grain elevator and bins

The elevator itself appears to be derelict. The nearby bins and augers indicate that they are used instead of the elevator.

Interior of the Edwin grain elevator

The doors to the interior are wide open and the general disarray also indicates that it is no longer in use.

The Edwin grain elevator, rail side

The office, loading dock, ramp, and roof were apparently removed sometime after 2006. Previous photos show that it was in bad shape.

The Edwin grain elevator, truck unloading side.

The Edwin school is now a community centre.

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