Starbuck Grain Elevator

Starbuck Grain Elevator
The Starbuck, Manitoba Pioneer grain elevator

The town of Starbuck, Manitoba has one grain elevator, a Richardson Pioneer concrete structure. The Starbuck grain elevator has a capacity of 18,170 tonnes.

Starbuck used to have a pair of elevators farther west but they were demolished, presumably in the 1980s. There was a wooden elevator in the location that the Pioneer elevator is in now, presumably an older Pioneer.

Starbuck is located on the CP Glenboro subdivision.

The town of Starbuck has a population of about 350 people, and hosts a variety of services including a recreation complex and a nearby golf course.

Miniature Starbuck grain elevator and train
Model elevator and train in Starbuck

Other Pioneer grain elevators

Lena Grain Elevator

Lena grain elevatorThe community of Lena, Manitoba has one grain elevator.

The CN Wakopa subdivision used to run through Lena, until it was abandoned in 1961.

The Lena grain elevator is now privately owned. It may be owned by the Mayfair (Hutterite) Colony Farms.

In 1962 there was also a Paterson elevator in Lena, as shown in this photo from the Provincial Archives of Manitoba. The Lena train station is visible opposite the grain elevators. Note the track that was removed after the Wakopa subdivision was abandoned in 1961.Lena grain elevator

The Lena school was established in 1906, and after becoming a consolidated school, closed in 1970. Lena is about 9 km north of the Canada-US border.

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Ninga Grain Elevator

Ninga grain elevator
The grain elevator in Ninga, MB

The town of Ninga hosts a former Manitoba Pool grain elevator. The Ninga grain elevator is still connected to the rail line (the CP Napinka subdivision) but the siding does not appear to be in use.

Ninga hosted four grain elevators at one point. The Manitoba Elevator Commission purchased the four, and ended up selling two to UGG and scrapping two. This article describes that and has a photo from 1955 showing UGG, Manitoba Pool and Lake of the Woods elevators.

Older Ninga Photos

These two photos date from around 1908 and show the early Ninga grain elevators as well as the train station.

Ninga train station and steam engine
Ninga train station and steam engine
Ninga Grain Elevators, Circa 1908
Ninga Grain Elevators, Circa 1908


There Will Always Be a Ninga

The town of Ninga is small but its pride and humour shows through.

There Will Always Be A Ninga
There Will Always Be A Ninga

Flags and Grain Elevator

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