Purves Grain Elevator

Purves grain elevator
The grain elevators at Purves, Manitoba

There are two grain elevators in the ghost town of Purves, Manitoba. They are privately owned and appear to still be in use in 2014 by Reimer Farms. Purves used to be served by Canadian Pacific Railway via the CP Snowflake subdivision, but that was abandoned in the late 1970s.

The Reimer grain elevators in Purves, Manitoba

The larger Purves grain elevator was built by Manitoba Pool Elevators in the 1920s and was sold to David Reimer in 1980. The original office and driveway have been replaced. At one time it had a World War 2-vintage balloon annex but this has apparently been replaced by steel bins.

The original owner of the smaller Purves grain elevator is unknown.

There is a lovely old church nearby, apparently out of “service” since the early 1960s.

A former church in Purves, Manitoba
A former church in Purves, Manitoba

A few miles out of Purves is this farm elevator, in a field. There are rumours that this is one of the oldest elevators in Canada.

An old farm elevator near Purves, MB


Kaleida Grain Elevator

Kaleida grain elevator
The Kaleida Pool B grain elevator

The tiny community of Kaleida, Manitoba has one grain elevator, the former Manitoba Pool “B” elevator.

The Kaleida grain elevator and warehouse

The Kaleida Farmers Elevator Association was formed in 1905 and George Ullyot built the Kaleida grain elevator. In 1907 it was purchased by Ogilvie Flour Mills.

Ogilvie Oats on the Kaleida grain elevator

It became the Manitoba Pool “B” elevator at some point. The elevator shipped its last load of grain on August 1,1963.

A view into the Kaleida grain elevator

The Kaleida grain elevator was served by the CP Kaleida subdivision. The track reached Kaleida in 1904. The track was removed in October 1963.

Bins in the Kaleida grain elevator

There was a second Kaleida grain elevator, built in 1908 or 1909.  It was sold to the Manitoba Pool in 1926 and apparently torn down and replaced by a new elevator in 1927.  This elevator was moved to Manitou on November 18, 1965 and it is still in operation.

Many thanks to the book Kaleidoscope 1878-1986: Kaleida, Overdale, Riverdale and Pembina Crossing, Manitoba, published by the Kaleida Historical Book Society, where most of the facts for this article came from.

Other Ogilvie grain elevators

Niverville Grain Elevator

Niverville grain elevator
The former Manitoba Pool Niverville grain elevator

Niverville has a special place in the history of Canadian grain elevators. The very first grain elevator in western Canada was built in 1879 here. The elevator was built by William Hespeler and was a round structure. You can see it in this photo circa 1911 showing the round elevator, the Ogilvie elevator and a flat grain warehouse.

Niverville Grain Elevators circa 1911
Niverville Grain Elevators circa 1911

According to the book Whatever Happened To…?: Catching Up with Canadian Icons, the 25,000 bushel elevator was torn down in 1923 and the wood was used to build a barn in nearby Otterburne. This small elevator is built on the site.

Small elevator in Niverville, MB

The former Pool elevator appeared to be idle at one point.

Grain elevator in Niverville, MB

However, in September 2014 the elevator received a new logo for Artel Farms.

Niverville is next to the CP Emerson subdivision, which sees a number of freight trains every day.

Niverville fertilizer elevator (now removed) and freight train

This image shows two former Manitoba Pool grain elevators in Niverville.


South Lakes Grain Elevator

South Lakes grain elevator.
The South Lakes Pioneer grain elevator.

The South Lakes grain elevator is located just northwest of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is owned by Pioneer (now Richardson) and is located on the Canadian Pacific Railway Arborg subdivision, near Stony Mountain.

This modern elevator was acquired by Richardson on May 1, 2013 and in June 2013 it was announced that it would receive “high speed blenders, fertilizer storage and a 6,000- square-foot chemical and seed warehouse to become full-service crop input centres”. Here are before and after photos to show the changes.

South Lakes, July 6, 2013
South Lakes, June 21, 2014

Other Pioneer grain elevators