Sperling Grain Elevator

Sperling Grain Elevator, September 2010
The Sperling grain elevator.

The Sperling grain elevator was a former Manitoba Pool elevator, built in 1926 and until recently operated by Delmar Commodities. It was last used in the fall of 2013. The elevator was on the CEMR Carman subdivision between Carman and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Sperling Grain Elevator, May 2014
The Sperling grain elevator

According to the Sperling town web site and a UGG history document, the elevators that operated in Sperling were:

  • Dominion, 1901
  • Canadian Elevator Company
  • Ogilvie
  • Manitoba Pool, 1926
  • Canadian Consolidated – purchased by UGG in 1959, burned 1995

The grain elevator in Sperling was demolished in late March 2015 (news article).

Sperling, March 22, 2015
Sperling, March 22, 2015

The town of Sperling has never exceeded 200 people, and today it is primarily a residential town, with a few industries such as Sperling Industries and an auto body shop.

Teulon Grain Elevator

Teulon Grain Elevator
The Teulon grain elevator

The Teulon grain elevator is an elevator with an annex and attached bins in the center of town. The elevator is owned by N.M. Paterson.

The Paterson grain elevator in Teulon, Manitoba.
The Paterson grain elevator in Teulon, Manitoba.

Teulon was on the CP Arborg subdivision until it was cut back to south of Stonewall. The elevator with annexes and bins has a capacity of 3,390 tonnes of grain.

Paterson logo, Teulon.
Paterson logo, Teulon.

There was a Manitoba Pool / Agricore grain elevator in Teulon with a capacity of 4,560 tonnes. It disappeared from the Canadian Grain Commission’s list of licensed elevators between 2002 and 2003.

Other Paterson grain elevators

Steele Bridge Farms Grain Elevator

The Steele Bridge Farms grain elevator
The Steele Bridge Farms grain elevator

The Steele Bridge Farms grain elevator is a private elevator located on their farm. It is located near Gladstone, Manitoba near the area known as Woodside and is visible from the Yellowhead Highway.

The Steele Bridge Farms private grain elevator.

This elevator is on private property.

Nearby grain elevators:

  • Gladstone
  • Westroc

Katrime Grain Elevator

The Katrime grain elevator
The Katrime grain elevator

The Katrime grain elevator stands by the CN Gladstone subdivision, southeast of the town of Gladstone.

This elevator was a Manitoba Pool elevator with a capacity of 4,000 tonnes of grain in the elevator and attached annex. It became privately owned sometime during or before 2008. It has no rail service as the siding has been removed for some time.

It appears to still be in use for storage.

The Katrime grain elevator

Katrime’s rail passenger station is now on display at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. It is a small structure, built in 1919 by the Canadian Northern Pacific railway.

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